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11. Useless Activity

Reading a pretty girl's blog, that was my activity for the past one hour.

I guess like most people, and mostly kids, I am easily entertained with the amount of pictures that made up most of her posts. Till I got to a specific post about the lady's mishaps - finally something with more words than pictures, and reading about a pretty girl's unfortunate events is somewhat..... comforting. 

What a let-down!

Lost your house keys? ATM had swollen your card? Oh come on!

I understand these are problematic situations. Hell, I actually have no issues at all with the post. I was just expecting something bigger and sadder. Something I could relate to and to give me time to think about my own life and to make me appreciate my own life. 

I guess I just read the wrong blog. But really, don't rich and (not and/or but just AND) pretty people have real problems?