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13. The Office

I'm a lady with normal wants and needs, just like any other ladies my age, or slightly younger, or much older. I have normal habits, normal characteristics, etc.

When I am at the office, I am all open to all sorts of conversation, though I usually the type who would shut up and listen whenever they "discuss" about "office matters." Among all these people, I'm one of the newest, and though I've worked here for almost three months now, there are many things about other colleagues I don't know about, or rather, don't fucking give a damn about.

So a few moments back, they were talking about the guys from the sales department who is the son of those big people in BNM, and one of them is a part-time model with a part-time girlfriend, and how photogenic one or two of the girls in the other department as well. I had no interest in these things, because, one, those pretty-looking guys are not my type so I don't feel the need to go ga-ga and talk about them when I don't see them the way these ladies look at them, and two, I care more about the movies I am downloading through Torrent. But I had to listen, because I was doing my work, and they would tell me to shut up if I accidently sing aloud (though not very) when I put the earpieces on and listen to songs - so I had to listen.

It makes me realise, how normal I am for a lady, I'm still left out when you put me among the office ladies. True, it's by choice. So it's not a complaint. I just wish they give a little less damn about everyone else, especially about me.