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Proud Muslim Fags

There are plenty of things that we could be proud of; having phD, the triplets getting all A1 in SPM, scoring million-dollar deal which results in a handsome amount of commission, knowing that you have changed from bad to good. You all know the drift.

But as I tweeted yesterday, I don't get people, guys or girls, who intentionally want to appear proud for having a string of ONS or sexual partners. Like, what's the point?

We all don't like boastful sons of bitches, and bitches. That just comes natural to us humans. But if they're boasting for having so much money, or so many A1s, all we could secretly wish is for us to be in their shoes. We don't like them, but we do wish we were in their shoes. Who the fuck doesn't want more money?

But when one boasts about his/her sexual experience to the public, I can only wonder: what good does that make? What kind of credibility is he/she making? What could he possibly benefit from it? I only know one answer: NONE.

That's why we bash people who confess they're not virgins. Truly, I think, most are like me, who really don't give a fuck what they do in their lives, but when you make the discreet activities known to public, of course there'll be reactions. We're not robots, assface.

I'm deviating.

I just wanna know: why some Muslims are very open about their sexual activities to the public. I'm not saying you shouldn't have sexual activities if you're not married. By all means, if that's what you wanna do, I don't give a damn, that's your choice. But what's the point of making it public? What's the objective?

I don't think I'm conservative. I'm one of the least conservative persons I know. I'm just saying, and wondering.
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