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A Note by A Super Straight Girl

Being a straight girl, it has always been amusing to me when a pengkid could nail an extremely hot girl, when an average guy whose penis' size is above average could hardly score an average looking girl.

Of course, it's probably due to the fact that guys don't usually show off their penises in public.

I guess I don't really mind if a girl, who changed her appearance completely to look like a man, take hormone pills to grow facial hair - goes for another girl who actually digs someone like that. It becomes a problem when the girl is not interested (I will refer her as the "victim"), but the fhemale (opposite of "shemale") is convinced that she had fallen head over heels, and then, expecting the uninterested victim to have the same feelings.

Then, this pengkid starts questioning the victim when the victim avoids her completely because the pengkid thinks it's unfair to be treated that way when all she ever be to the victim was the nicest friend, ever.

Like this la ho...

The victim is absolutely NOT interested, NOT BECAUSE:

1. You have expectations from your niceness;
2. Your appearance is not her cup of tea;
3. You're being too forward or too fast.

But you are rejected because:
1. You are not a man, regardless who you actually think you are;
2. You don't have a penis.
3. You don't have a boner in the morning or before bed;
4. Your head can think straight even when you're horny because you still have enough blood through your thick head;

I can list a hundred more reasons, but in the end, they all bring the same meaning. and that is - YOU HAVE NO PENIS.

And no, you're not handsome either. You will find it rare for a girl, who is 165cm-tall, to like shorter guys too, and in this case, a pengkid.

So why not, you just fuck off?