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My Favourite Annoyance

As far as I could remember, during my single days, what annoyed me then would be blog posts by some lame girl who went out with her lame boyfriend, and the 150 pictures they took during the event, which might as well be one picture, due to my indifference towards them.

As far as I know, these types of blog posts would still annoy me. And mind you, I am in a relationship. A steady one, at that.

But there's another type of annoyance, which I have discovered for quite some time, but did not have time to blab about because most of my nights are filled with fun activities, like watching the whole season of Scrubs in one night and drinking cranberry juice - and the annoyance would be those single people that keep on preaching about the pros of being single. These are usually those who can't find anyone because they're incapable to get anyone to like them enough to date them, or because they don't have enough time, money, or even looks, to get a partner.

I'm not saying being single is bad. If you are in a bad relationship, being single is the next best thing to eating durian. The annoying part is the preaching. Oh please!

I know those who swear they will never be with anyone again due to bad experiences exist. But you give these people a caring partner, they will succumb. Who does not like being taken care of?

So to those who are single not because you are not looking: IF YOU ENJOY BEING SINGLE SO MUCH, THERE'S NO NEED TO BAD-MOUTH RELATIONSHIPS. For all I know, those who are in shitty relationships, instead of wishing they're single, they wish for better partners.

When you talk about how better it is to STAY SINGLE as opposed to jumping from one relationship to another, you don't realise what you're missing. Stay in denial, you think I give a damn?

Nobody likes getting their hearts broken, but do you know why some sayings about love are a clichè? Because they're the truth.

"Better to have loved and hurt than to have never loved at all."

Loving and being loved, are as addictive as any other addictions there are. That's why wedding planners can still make money, like pushers can.

When you said that being single is so much better because you don't have to report to anyone lah, you don't have to ask permission to do things lah, you don't have to put up with the shits your patner feed you lah - hey, I know you want to. :)

Staying single because you're angry with your previous partner who disappointed you badly is an entirely different situation, and it is understandable, and you can definitely tell them apart from those who are trying too hard to convince everyone they're okay with being single, when obviously they would gladly be in relationships if given the chance. The latter is so uncool, and as I said, annoying as hell.

At least some so-called serbanistas' preaches are still acceptable to me because I have my own faith and belief, so, I understand their reasons. I can't accept these single-life-is-better-than-orgasms preaches because, well, there's no way that orgasms are worse than being single!

You know what I mean?
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