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My Perfect Little Life

My husband slept throughout the day because he stayed up last night watching the two World Cup matches, first at 12 AM (Argentina vs. Belgium), then barely awake for 120-minutes goalless match of Netherlands vs Costa Rica, he managed to stay up anyway with the help of Luwak Coffee that a friend bought as a gift from his Indonesia trip.

If he's had it his way, he probably would just snuggle in between the bed sheet and comforter with the aircond on. But I have always been the dictator wife, he accompanied me anyway. He loves football, more than I ever do, but I know he loves sleeping more. I insisted to watch although I was sleepy, because it was a weekend night and I just wanted to spend more time with him. We barely do on weekdays because we work crazy hours. But it was okay because we like what we take home every month.

It's 6 PM and I have just finished cooking simple meals for our break fast later: sweet sour fish, mixed veggies and omelette. He loves simple meals, which really are the only meals I know how to cook - and I love him for that. He eats whatever I cook. It's out of this world how perfect he is for me.

At first, I planned to go to Karnival Teratak Glam in Shah Alam but thinking how jammed the place is gonna be, we decided to just go to Tesco earlier this morning for groceries shopping. Moreover, we both love doing our Raya shopping last minute, like on the last few days of fasting. That would probably be the only time when we wouldn't mind going through bad traffic or being in the midst of a crowded bazaar.

Life is perfect now, except........................................

Everything written above was purely crafted out of my own imagination.
Yes, I'm simple like that.

P/S: Intentionally leaving out the part where I would tell you not to judge me and refusing to acknowledge that I am probably just lonely.